Taiwanese singer “Jolin Tsai” releases yet another MV from her new album ‘MUSE’

So it looks like Jolin is serious about the whole dancing thing, because in almost every video she’s released from MUSE she’s doing some sort of choreography. And not just regular, easy boring choreography, but choreography that requires her to work up a sweat and really keep up. Plus I love the fact that she’s seriously promoting this album. This marks the 4th MV from MUSE since its August 22nd release, not counting whatever other schedules she has going on. Chick is working! Mosaic is a very poetic release filled with interpretive dance, so It’s bound to keep your attention. Jolin has really been setting the bar with these MVs. Each one is different and takes on concepts never done before in Cpop, at least not to my knowledge. Enjoy it below!

(Source: jolintsai)