Japanese band “Handsome Kenya” release limited time MV to ‘Shuseki Life’

If I’m understanding this correctly Shuseki Life‘s full MV will only be available this month. Of course because of the internet I’m sure we’ll be able to find a ripped copy somewhere, plus you still have the short version, but it’s fun to pretend like we’re in on some super limited edition release that others might not be able to watch in just a few weeks. We’re lucky guys, we’re the “in” crowd.

Full of life is the perfect phrase to describe this MV. There’s so much going on focusing around Handsome Kenya‘s frontman that you may not be able to catch it all after one sitting. The song isn’t bad either, but this is a Jrock release so we already knew that. Enjoy Shuseki Life’s MV below, a single from Handsome Kenya’s first mini album Gold Mash.


(Source: VictorMusicChannel)