Gain’s ‘Bloom’

Did you notice the very short title? It’s because my mouth dropped, hit the floor and is now rendered speechless. Bloom is… it’s Gain. It’s the pure side of sexy, the modest side of risque and the shy side of crazy. This music video shows the white, black and grey sides of Gain. Every shade can be seen. It’s f*****g hot!! Too many amazing scenes for me to pick a favorite. Talk About S better go down in history. It better be #1 on the charts for AT LEAST 2 months, and even that would piss me off at how short it lasted.

If you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear the Disney/fairytale reference, which explains TinkerBell. I’m thinking we can expect more of that theme in her other songs and videos. Look below for info about the team behind this album. ALL STAR CREW!

Gain’s second solo album [Talk about S.] is done by Young-chul Cho producer who made Gain’s first solo album and IU’s ‘Good day’, ‘YOU&I’, Brown eyed Girl’s ‘Abracadabra’, ‘Six sense’. Also the composer Suk-won Jeong, Jong-shin Yoon, Min-soo Lee, KZ, Junjaman, Lyric writer Eana kim, D’DAY joined to make the album the best album ever.

The title song ‘Bloom’ is about a girl who became a real woman through love, and it is made by composer Min-soo Lee and lyric writer Eana Kim who made Gain’s first solo title song ‘Irreversible’.

I love you, Gain.

(Source: LOENENT)