A live performance from one of my favorite Chinese bands, “Glow Curve”

Glow Curve. A band who’s music grips the listener’s emotions with firm hands, only to let go leaving a feeling of liberation and enlightenment. Although unneeded the band is now using vocals, and I have to agree with LBM that they definitely contribute nicely. The addition of lyrics give the band another layer, more texture. Their sound has developed. It’s still the Glow Curve I’ve fallen in love with, just new and improved- a band that’s gained more depth. I can only imagine the vibes in the room during this show, the applause at the end being only a fragment of how much the crowd enjoyed their performance. I must see these guys live.

Some of Glow Curve’s older stuff.

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Douban: Douban.com/glow-curve

Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/glow-curve

(Video and Photo Credit: LiveBeijingMusic & Glow Curve Douban)