SM and Hyundai release new unit group “YOUNIQUE” and MV teaser to ‘MAXSTEP’

Is something this amazing really about to happen? Are all of SM‘s heavyweights (well new heavyweights, that is) about to really come together and form one super group? You know we’re going to get some amazing choreography when you take a look at all the dancers in this unit, and it’s about time we get another group that mixes both male and female members. On another note, I’m really impressed with Hyundai. They use music not only as a promotional tool for their different services, but also, in a way, help promote artists. Take their YG x Hyundai Card RE:MONSTER project for example. They featured a bunch of indie?artists?covering BIGBANG‘s MONSTER and put them in the spotlight, and I thought that was really cool of them. YOUNIQUE UNIT is about to dance their way to #1 on Gaon, at least that’s how it seems.

(Source: SMTOWN)