The fairly new, Shanghai-based band “Hu Jia Hu Wei”

Hu Jia Hu Wei are 3 foxes who started taking over the Shanghai live music jungle in?October 2012.
Despite declaring themselves as ‘spazz pop’, this trio have so far been described by others as?hardcore, punk, and thrash/noise. Hu Jia Hu Wei have that low quality, garage kind of sound that I love. Kinda like you’re walking down the street and overhear a band shredding somewhere nearby, so you stop to catch a rehearsal turned show (like in the movies~). It’s funny because although the quality isn’t studio crisp you can still clearly hear the talent of this band. The members (Xiao Zhong, Chris and Toshi) play in other bands but are keeping which ones secret. I recognize the name Xiao Zhong, and the way Hu Jia Hu Wei refer to themselves as scumbags reminds me of ?a certain someone in another popular Shanghai-based band. We’ve talked about them several times on the site before, and if you’re up on your Chinese rock you may be able to guess who… then again maybe it’s not who I think it is. Mysterious~~ Check out the very awesome Hu Jia Hu Wei below, and catch them at their show at Harley’s in Shanghai on the 24th.?For more info on their Harley’s show with band Gou Shen, click?Here.