Jesse McFaddin of RIZE combines his Rock past with his Hip Hop present!

SHUX (Music and Strength TV) is back with another documentary-short, spotlighting an innovator in the Japanese music scene. In this installment SHUX follows Jesse McFaddin of band RIZE fame?around the streets of Tokyo as they talk about music, culture, inspiration and dream chasing. Dope!

Jesse McFaddin, widely known across Japan to rock fans for his stage diving guitar antics, now grabs the mic and shows them that he’s no sucka when it comes to beats & rhymes either. SHUX1 invades Jesse’s neighborhood to see just how real things get. Step into another episode of The SHUX Files…

An exclusive doc-short featuring Jesse McFaddin of Japans mega-rock band RIZE, embarking on a hip hop project as Jesse & The Bonez.



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(Source: Shuxfiles)