Our Exclusive interview with “ICEBERG” creator Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph + CHINESE INDIE POWER @ Ran Tea House

Chinese Indie Power, a night filled with intense energy, creativity and universal understanding. Some of China’s biggest Rock bands closed their U.S. tour with this Brooklyn show at Ran Tea House, a cozy spot with the perfect atmosphere for chilling and live music.

On top of three amazing performances by White+, Carsick Cars and The Gar a preview of?Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph‘s ICEBERG was shown, a film about Chinese drummer Nova (aka LITTLE PUNK) and two of her first times: traveling to America and falling in love.

We had the pleasure of asking Maya a few questions on ICEBERG before the show, where we discussed inspiration for the film, the Chinese Rock scene and the future of ICEBERG.

Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph “ICEBERG” Interview

ICEBERG is a love story about Nova (LITTLE PUNK), a twenty-two year old drummer in one of Beijing’s most beloved rock bands. With her bandmates Lei (WANG XU of THE GAR and WHITE+) and Di Yin (ZHOU NAIREN of BIRDSTRIKING and SKIP SKIP BENBEN), Nova has recently been invited to perform at a music festival in the United States–the band’s first experience outside of China. Nova’s excitement over her band’s new adventure propels her from a performance to a wild party, to a tense meeting with her slightly off-kilter father (ROBERT LIN, SCHOOL OF ROCK). Nova moves through the hazy Beijing summer with a secret–she is falling in love and nothing will ever be the same. In keeping with the themes that have come to characterize so much of Chinese Indie rock, ICEBERG is an exploration of love, friendship, music, and the longing, thrills, and contradictions in the lives of young people.

For more ICEBERG check out its Vimeo page and follow Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph on Twitter at @maya_ru

White+, Carsick Cars and The Gar were fantastic. White+ opened up with their experimental, electronic sound, easily blasting the crowd into a new dimension.


Next was Carsick Cars, the band that made the crowd full out riot. Moshing, crowd surfing and sweat is how I’d sum up their set.

Carsick Cars

The Gar mellowed everyone out after heavy thrashing. They performed songs from both of their albums and, after audience demand, came out for an encore.

The Gar

These bands, some of the most recognizable names in the Chinese indie scene, need no introduction. I’ve been wanting to see them for the longest and the timing was off when I was in China, so this show was it for me. Everyone was there out of pure love, passion radiating from every person in the venue. A night to remember for sure, but the first of many without a doubt.

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The Gar: site.douban.com/thegar / Facebook.com/GAR