Asian-American group AZIATIX release their new 6 track album Nocturnal!

With the release of their new music video Slippin’ Away (which I love by the way), AZIATIX have released their 6 track sophomore album Nocturnal July 28 on iTunes!

Once again I was not disappointed by the guys’ performance! Their debut album AZIATIX was definitely a hit, earning a #4 spot on the US iTunes R&B chart, and I can definitely say they deserved it. I remember putting all of the songs on that album on repeat, and I can say with confidence I know many, if not all, of the lyrics.

In just a matter of months AZIATIX and their producer Jae Chong reached new heights, creating something that’s even better than the first. Nocturnal has a song for everyone whether it be the serious love story with a killer beat, or the fun party starter that you’d listen to on your way to the club.

For those who might have missed our previous post, here’s the MV for Slippin’ Away.

AZIATIX new album Nocturnal can be found on iTunes here for just $3.99. You can thank me later.

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