2NE1 reveals full MV to comeback track “FALLING IN LOVE”

This comeback is dope, but no sh*z right lol? The royalty/Egyptian/street concepts may seem like polar opposites but they actually work, props to YG and staff for putting it together so well.FALLING IN LOVE is your classic 2NE1 Hip Hop influenced track but it has parts that go full out Reggae, which I found refreshing. Not that their Hip Hop style was stale or anything, it was just a nice, playful twist to an otherwise bossy track.

Now what 2NE1 review would be complete without a styling rundown?! Minzy was rocking that pink wig, Dara looks good with blonde hair (and with any hairstyle at that), Bom is working the short straight cut and CL is just perfection. Seriously CL is my kinda women- I’ve BEEN in love with that chick, and the darker shade of hair looks good on her. The outfits are your standard 2NE1 ones: unique, funky and coming from high end designers. I think I spotted some AMBUSH jewelry too (VERBAL x YOON stand up!).

I love how on iTunes the single cover doesn’t even have a pic of them, just their group name and some graphics. And by single I mean just 1 track. No b-side or instrumental or anything. Lmao, 2NE1’s so boss they can just put a track out and be like “Ok here” and kill the competition like it’s nothing. Lol I fuc*ing love them, yo!




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