This is definitely a passion project

COUP D’ETAT isn’t a song I’d listen to on the regular, but the concept and inspiration behind it I love. It seems like G-Dragon is finally able to unleash his creative side full force- with success comes artistic freedom even in the Kpop world (and under YG). The imagery is very obscure and best experienced rather than read about. Everything that this offers visually though, including that broken peace sign at the end, really helps the single live up to it’s name. It’s actually kind of hard to write about this release because I know so little about its back story. It’s perplexing, and I’m looking forward to reading the English trans (looking forward to the entire album tbh). Heavy American influence in the instrumental with the Trap beat, and I f*cks with it. Check out G-Dragon’s ambiguous new MV below.


(Source: BIGBANG)