J.Y. Park (JYP) drops teaser to his comeback track “Had Enough Parties”

I don’t know how I missed news of a JYP comeback but I had NO idea he was releasing new material! Had Enough Parties… how can you not get excited for this? JYP breaks out damn good French to reveal a very compelling story line at the teaser’s beginning. Fast forward a bit to see how JYP will look at 85 years old- that makeup job is PHENOMENAL! I’ve noticed that whenever JYP comes out with a new track he brings it! Even if the concept isn’t as involved as this one, his production is always on point and he always provides something most people can enjoy. Universal music. Btw, is anyone else still taken aback at all this man has accomplished? Every time I see him I always do a mental “Damn… this dude is amazing…” Watch the teaser below, and expect Had Enough Parties to be released September 9th.




(Source: jypentertainment)