KARA reveal 4th full album ‘Full Bloom’ and MV to title track “Damaged Lady”

So the only KARA song I’ve ever seriously liked and still play to this day is Rock U, a song released like what, 5 years ago (watch the MV again and look at how young they are!!)? I’m not a KARA fan, only because I’ve never really connected with them. Damaged Lady though, it lowkey got me looking at them in a new light. I love the 90’s/early 00’s influence in the instrumental- it reminds me of old Jpop tunes like mflo & BoA’s the Love Bug. That whole era of music.

The girls are the perfect combo of glamorous and hot in the video. The queen concept had me breathless and the bowl cut wigs sealed the deal (if you look good with a BOWL cut then you win at everything). And let’s not forget how all those close up beauty shots with the girls starring me dead in my eyes made me damn near pass out omg. Damaged Lady is a definite purchase for me. Now I just gotta see if I want to devote the time to checking out their new album, maybe listening to some of their past stuff more thoroughly and generally seeing if this is a group I wanna stan. I like their comeback, but I’m not sure I’m ready to hop on the fanmobile just yet. While I go and do all of that, check out their comeback Damaged Lady below!





(Source: DSPKara)