A different side of Navi! 

As someone who still plays Diary like it just came out yesterday I’m used to hearing Navi belt out and show off that fantastic voice of hers, but I Ain’t Going Home Tonight feat. Geeks tones things down a bit. It’s  totally appropriate though, because her new single talks about the complications that go on within relationships when it comes to the differences between males and females and how they communicate. It’s one of the more real songs you’ll hear in Kpop, but seeing as this is coming from a solo singer that’s not necessarily an idol (at least I don’t think she’s considered one?) that’s kind of to be expected. Kudos for creating a very sexy atmosphere without showing mad skin and acting overly sexual Navi, that’s why you my girl. Peep game folks and don’t forget to ALWAYS give your attention to her when she drops new stuff. Navi’s voice is too beautiful to pass up, seriously.


(Source: LOENENT)