This is better!

Gone is the monotony that is Coup d’etat and here comes the very wild Crooked, G-Dragon‘s second single from his new album COUP D’ETAT. If you follow GD you know he was recently in London, and apparently he shot the MV while he was there too. Watch as he embraces UK’s 70’s Punk with stunning fashion and rowdy, anti-everything behavior. I recommend googling the English translation of the song because it has a strong message- much better than Coup d’etat’s. GD looks f*cking badass in every second of this video, straight up running sh*z and letting his inner rebel out. Oh, and lol at how he falls out at the end after too much WHATEVER it was he was tweaking on (not really, but that was the concept for that whole live show/club scene). I still love Crooked more for the visuals than the audio just like with Coup d’etat, but overall it’s a much better release than the latter. Check it below!




(Source: BIGBANG)