IU releases teaser to Korean single Between the lips(입술 사이) (50cm)

After some time away from Korea to focus on Japanese promotions, IU is back with a new Korean single! The sound of Between the Lips (50 cm) reminded me of Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus MV. I know it’s weird, that IU’s audio reminded me of Sunny Hill’s visual- the theme’s are similar to me, I guess. Between the Lips has a cabaret-esque, fantasy kind of sound (which by now we know isn’t foreign for IU), but I don’t know if I like it. It’s creative as hell in terms of music production and overall concept, but is it something you’d listen to on the regular and call “your song”? I don’t know. But one of the things I like about Kpop is that everything doesn’t have to be a Pop hit. Some things can be very artsy like what Between the Lips seems to be. Still for me, I need something I can at least bop my head to. Check out her new teaser below, and expect Between the Lips (50 cm) on October 7th!




(Source: LOENENT)