JYJ’s Junsu, ‘XIA’ releases full MV to “Incredible” feat. Quincy

I saw Quincy and was like ďWhoís that??. Still donít know who he is, but I gotta say I like him! Incredible features a cast of dancers and extras that are all of multiple racial backgrounds, none of which being Korean (At least not that Iíve seen). For a Kpop track thatís very odd, but I actually really like it. XIA is producing Korean Pop music but with a heavy Western twist. I mean Quincy looks Hispanic and his rapping part is entirely in English. And let me say again that this is a KOREAN Pop song. I think thatís really admirable, although a bit daring.

As an American I can appreciate the cross cultures. All non Korean fans of Kpop are a representation of the blending of cultures so itís hard to dislike Incredible for that reason (and why would you?), but I wonder how native Korean fans will feel about this release. I mean Junsu is the only Asian in the MV, and if this didnít have Korean lyrics youíd think it was something released here in the States. I donít know how Korea will like that seeing as Incredible kind of takes the K out of Kpop, and to be honest I can understand why such a large homogeneous society like Korea would become upset at the lack of Korean representation in the video from a song that’s being promoted in their country. Junsu IS a member of JYJ though, so Iím sure theyíll still show him mad love.

To prevent this from becoming a super long wall of text Iíll end by saying I really like Incredible. I like the song, the MV, the featured non Korean artist and the overall American concept. I think itís one of the strongest representations of Korean x Western culture in Kpop music Iíve seen ever, and I hope people (mostly native Korean fans) are ready for it. Props to Junsu for continuing to try to enter that American market!




(Source: CJESJYJ)