And he doesn’t even take his shirt off!

Jaejoong has the kind of face and deep gaze that’ll send a shiver up your spine, and we get a lot of both in the MV teaser for his 1st solo mini album title track Just Another Girl. Looks like Jaejoong is taking on a rocker concept for this comeback, an image that suits him very well, and even has a full band to back him up. Honestly who’s not anticipating this release, if only a teeny tiny bit? Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of Jaejoong, or JYJ for that matter (like me, I never got into them mostly because they were before my Kpop time), you still know the weight Jaejoong’s name carries and look forward to seeing what he’ll come out with next. Lemme know what you think after you watch the teaser!




(Source: CJESJYJ)