People still upset over no Toshiko

I get why people are mad that Toshiko isn’t in it. She IS ½ of Capsule after all, and her vocals (even though highly edited lmao) do add a little something to the mix. But let’s be honest: Capsule is all Yasutaka Nakata. Like if it wasn’t for his production and vocal edits Capsule wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today, even with Toshiko. I’m not trying to undermine her contribution but her contribution comparatively doesn’t stack up, especially as of late. Now the song’s she IS in in CAPS LOCK sound great (Control and Shift are two of my favorites from the ((mini)) album), but even in those she’s highly edited and could have been any random girl. And that random girl wouldn’t even have to know how to carry a note either- just yell a few vowel sounds into the mic and let Yasutaka take over.

Now onto the MV. What do we get in it you ask? Pretty much nuthin. The visuals are of some kid using a typewriter and then some random cyber punk guy free fallin into a tech-tunnel. Does everything look super cool? Hell yeah, but it’s boring. Right when something’s about to happen (and right when the song’s about to kick in with the vocals) the MV ends. Lol. I can’t with these short versions sometimes, yo. Like this was so unnecessary and a total tease lmao. Gonna have to search around for the full version. I know it’s uploaded somewhere!


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