Taeyang, where are YOU?!

Taeyang‘s Ringa Linga isn’t a classic. You’ll catch young couples STILL bumping Wedding Dress and You’re My/I Need a Girl TO THIS DAY, but Ringa Linga is a generic pop track that leaves no taste in my mouth. It’s average. I mean it’s not a BAD track, but when you compare it to Taeyang’s past stuff- it doesn’t stack up.

I also feel like a lot of people like the song simply BECAUSE it’s Taeyang. Having a huge name on your own helps with sales, but add on being a part of one of the biggest Asian boy groups and you’re def going to sell records no matter what you put out. And I’m not even mad at that. You’ve worked hard, made an extremely impressive name for yourself and are enjoying the success. Hell, who wouldn’t?!

Ringa Linga is a song I’ll listen to if it comes on, but I won’t bump it on the regular. The MV is cool but also pretty standard in terms of where Kpop is nowadays.

Ugh, I’m just feeling incredibly let down I guess. Was really expecting Taeyang to bring it with that special flavor but this is just so average 2013 Kpop/GD clone. And I get that GD composed it and that Taeyang’s influenced by him but still… I was just expecting something more his own. But this is what he wanted to create and I respect that- this is just my opinion. And I also respect all of yours too, so please don’t take all of this the wrong way. I’m just venting, haha. On the other hand I’m happy Taeyang gets to release the kind of music he wants to. He’s extremely lucky when you look at how limited other idols are. Check out the video below  if you haven’t seen it already!




(Source: BIGBANG)