What was that?! It ain’t right, son!!

Things I got out of this teaser? Dara‘s fashion is on point. That’s pretty much it. 2NE1, how you gonna tease us like this? It’s because you know mad people are already anticipating this comeback therefore you can get away with giving barely anything and still have people going crazy. I see your game! You guys are lucky I love you!

Although I can’t really tell, I do like the mood this comeback seems to have. It feel like I Miss You is going to be a step in a new direction for 2NE1, but I can’t really say that confidently because the teaser’s so damn short. Sigh.

UDPATE: CL’s solo teaser was just released so check that out too!

Group Teaser:

CL Solo




(Source: YGLadies2ne1Fansite & 2NE1)