Mr. Min

Mr. Min reveals full MV to “เพื่อนไม่รัก (Just a friend)”. Keep your head up, Min!

Mr. Min‘s new song Just a Friend shows Min falling in love with his best friend, but sadly the girl doesn’t return his feelings as she’s already interested in someone else. In the middle of the video Min actually starts to shut himself off from her, but I’m glad they patched things up (I think… kinda? Not really?) and became friends again- It might be hard, but she’s still a good friend so try to maintain that relationship! Plus sometimes in these kind of situations the girl ends up noticing the awesome guy that’s standing right in front of her, so you may still come out on top Min! But don’t hold your breath waiting because it’s important to live your own life! Lol, I love how I’m talking like he’s right here and asking me to give him advice. Watch Mr. Min’s new video below and let us know what you think!


(Source: welovekamikaze)