Not gonna like I was sleeping on these guys but NOT NO MORE!

When ToppDogg debuted I listened and watched and it was good but I was just like “Eh”, only because there’s been SO many new groups that debuted within the past year with many of them having similar concepts. The only thing that really made ToppDogg stand out to me was how big of a group they were. Cigarette though?! This song had be jamming the entire 3 and a half minutes like I was at someone’s party. You should have seen how high my hands went, and the finger snaps I was doing, and the nonstop foot tapping, and the shoulder bopping- I was getting my life! I had no idea ToppDogg were gonna bust out some groovy sh*z like this and it threw me totally off guard. And the guys put a little of that soul vibe in their vocals too!! I’m so hyped off of this right now that I’m ready to call it my Christmas 2013 song. Like all I need is this bumping in the background, some eggnog and a little bit of snow and I’m SET. I think I’ll keep my eyes open for ToppDogg a bit more from now on!


(Source: STARDOM Entertainment)