Glow Curve

Promo vid and details after the break!

So I’m a bit late but I just caught wind of this thanks to fyeahcindie! Glow Curve, one kickass Rock/Post Rock band signed to China’s Modern Sky Entertainment, launched their 2nd album Dedicate to Mind back in September where they went on tour throughout the month and into October. Luckily for anyone in China or visiting in 2014, Glow Curve have plans to play more cities! No dates have been released yet, but you can keep in touch with their happenings over on their Douban (you can also listen to the album in full while you’re there!). For now check out the supercharged promo video for the tour they had a couple of months ago. It sums up exactly what Rock music does for so many people, performer and fan alike.


(Source: fyeahcindie)