JYP… forreal tho?

I said that JYP needs to stop with the Rap concept when I talked about the teaser, and after watching this I feel I was right. My mind literally zoned out and starting thinking about something completely unrelated to GOT7 or this video at one point, and it was then that I knew this wasn’t going to work out. The only saving grace for Girls Girls Girls is if it’s a pre-debut/intro track. That’s the only thing that would give them a fresh start, at least for me. The MV’s story had potential but once the guys started dancing the story just stops- there’s no more progression. They could have at least ended the video with the girl delivering what she found to one of the boys and having some romance or something pop off. Like I said, GOT7 are a rushed group to compete with WINNER and that just ain’t right. I’m not looking at the boys as the problem, because they have just as much talent as any other group out right now. The problem lies within their agency and how they’re being managed. What do you guys think of GOT7’s debut?


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