Z.WOODS’ new original is for all classic R&B lovers

Z.WOODS is bringing back classic R&B, it’s fantastic. Sadly genres that used to be a part of the American mainstream scene like R&B and Rock have been drowned out by Rap and EDM, so fans of the genres gotta go indie to get their fix. Indie’s where the quality’s at nowadays anyway, and some might say it’s the best platform for talents like Z.WOODS who produce, write, perform, record and mix their own tracks. Undo is nothing but a Z.WOODS original, and It’s refreshing to see an artist create the type of music he wants to without cutting any corners or bending to a label’s whim. Dude is doing music on his own terms and it’s WORKING! Undo comes from Z.WOODS’ upcoming EP and can be downloaded at his Soundcloud.




(Source: Z.WOODS)