Still no Prince Mak. 🙁

Prince Mak isn’t in the full MV due to being ill, which is really unfortunate. This is the group’s first MV so I’m sure he’s bummed about not being a part of it, but their management made the right choice in not letting him shoot. Rather you miss the MV shooting and rest up so you can do promotions than to overwork yourself and potentially be a detriment to the other members during schedules. I feel like a lot of people slept on JJCC because Jackie Chan’s name was attached to them and it was just like “what…?” but you know what, I was lowkey sleeping too. But these guys are starting off really strong and I’m going to follow them in the hopes they become a great group. Jackie Chan’s company is doing everything right thus far. The guys are just as talented as other active idol groups and they’re definitely attractive. I don’t see why they wouldn’t succeed, especially with so much attention already on them. You have my support Double JC!




(Source: Double JC)