More on Bruce Lee’s appearance in EA Sports’ New UFC game

The video shows a bit more footage of Bruce Lee in game as well as interviews of popular fighters talking about how much of an inspiration he was for them. This is all exciting and all but I lowkey agree with the comments- it’d be nice to see legit gameplay of the Bruce Lee character, like an actual match.

Pretending this whole idea of Bruce in UFC could and would happen, how good do you guys think he’d be in the ring? Personally if both Bruce and his opponent were on their feet I think Bruce would slay, but get him on the ground and I’m not too sure. To my knowledge he didn’t really concentrate on ground game, particularly because that wasn’t the nature of his martial arts back then. It’d be an interesting fight.

EA SPORTS UFC’s Gameplay Series turns its focus to Bruce Lee and shares a look at some of his in-game skills.




(Source: EA SPORTS)