Champagne & Candle

Those names tho…

These guys show a lot of promise, with their debut single WHAT’S MY NAME? being completely written, produced and composed by the two. Based on this brief 3 minute introduction I have to say I’m leaning way more towards Champagne as a bias than Candle, but let’s just talk about these names for a moment…. wat? They’re a bit silly to say it politely, and although I get the meaning behind them they’re still a bit wack. Regardless these guys have a really tight sound for rookies, and I especially like Champagne’s flow. Definitely excited to see more of this duo as the year continues on!

BRANDNEW MUSIC, always having surprised the public with new music experiments and diverse black music, has revealed a young-blood duo Champagne & Candle that will pin-point the interests of hot and young music fans.

They are consisted of members Champagne (Son Seung Hwan) and Candle (Lee Kang). Like their name, they’ll be expressing hot music fit for champagne (party) and soft music fit for candle (mood). Able to express both moods and as BRANDNEW MUSIC’s hidden new artist team, they plan to be true ‘brand new’ artists with their luxury and trendy music.

Their newly revealed first track ‘WHAT’S MY NAME’ is a trendy hip hop track, expressing their appearance in a confident and witty way. At the same time, it shows Champagne & Candle’s music color and their music direction.

Also, as likely of BRANDNEW MUSIC’s artists, despite being rookies, Champagne & Candle is a duo both capable of producing, lyric writing, and composing music. ‘WHAT’S MY NAME’ also being written, composed, and produced by the duo, listeners can feel the trendy and young musical vibe as can be expected from their young age.

The video, with clips from their pictorial shoot, revealed along with the new track’WHAT’S MY NAME’, shows their relaxed attitude unlikely that of a rookies’ as well as their notable fashion sense, attracting attention from fans.

Champagne & Candle will gradually reach out to fans this year through BRANDNEW MUSIC’s various albums and performances.


(Source: Brandnewmusickorea)