VIXX is all about fairness because they’ve shuffled the vocal parts heavy in ETERNITY! N still has a lot of vocals along with Ken but this time around Hyuk has WAY more screen time and singing parts than usual, and he’s doing SUCH a good job! His tone is rich and it’s a shame that we barely got to hear it in previous songs- I’m so happy Jellyfish gave him more of a role in the group besides maknae for this era, and that middle part hairstyle is EVERYTHING! Leo actually has less parts than usual (he really just sings half of the chorus) and I think Hongbin does too. Ken’s styling looks so great here and Ravi’s hair is bomb (although I can do without that crazy bedhead look). ETERNITY is their 4th single album and it’s dropping tomorrow so look out for it! VIXX IS BACK!

P.S. I will say that I thought the flow of the vocals didn’t really match the instrumental the first couple of times I listened, but like with all songs it grows on you if you keep listening. VIXX have had stronger singles, but ETERNITY is in no way bad. I like it, it’s just not a favorite!

Reveal of VIXX’s 4th single album title song music video ‘ETERNITY’!

After 6 months of their 1st regular album ‘VOODOO’, VIXX is releasing their 4th single album ‘ETERNITY ‘on Tuesday 27th May.

The title track ‘ETERNITY ‘is a story about a miracle that finds an eternal love at a moment of a short dream.
At the M/V, they are showing a sad and heartrending story like a fantasy with the reversal in the music and performance.
You may also look forward of the strong and sophisticated visual beauty of the M/V finished by the steampunk art visual and a fancy CG.


(Source:  RealVIXX)