U-KISS will win a #1 this era

U-KISS‘ comeback track isn’t Electronic or Hip Hop based like their previous ones, but it’s very passionate and refined which is such a refreshing turn for them. From the jump MONO SCANDAL came off very sexy while maintaining class, and after seeing the MV I can say that everything has come together very well. Their title track 끼부리지마 represents a mature U-KISS that have gained a lot of confidence through the years- it’s a really strong image for them.

I’m confident in U-KISS winning #1 this era and I’m willing to do all I can to help. They deserve it. They’ve BEEN deserving it. It’s time we finally make that a reality for them.

P.S. This is the best I’ve seen Eli look/sound/act in a while. He really stepped his game up! I also think that Jun, the new member, did a good job and fits in with the group seamlessly.




(Source: U-KISS)