I think I would have gotten sooo much more out of it if there was an English trans

EYES, NOSE, LIPS is emotionally driven but I think for a lot of international fans so much of its impact is going to be lost (until we get a translation, at least). Since all I have is the song and MV to go off of without an understanding of the lyrics I thought it was kind of dull, especially since I was expecting something way more fast paced. Both the song and the visuals compliment each other though and help create this fragile, hurt atmosphere about love which I think a lot of people can relate to.

I listened to the album and I’m not really liking it. It has a completely different sound than what I was expecting, so part of my dislike could be the fact that I’m a bit shocked. It’s way more down tempo, which is fine, but I just don’t like the songs’ melodies. RISE seems to signify a change in Taeyang, though. I don’t know what’s going on in his life, it could be something as simple as maturing, but there’s definitely a more refined and wise element in RISE than his previous albums. What do you guys think of his solo comeback?




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