Nice write up by TheRealScottishMike on Shanghai band Daydreamer’s new EP

Their new EP’s release party is going down this Saturday June 7th at Shanghai’s Yuyintang! It marks their 3 year anniversity and damn do I wish I could go. Read below for TheRealScottishMike’s words on the band!

Daydreamer, the band I previously touted as a band to watch out for and who I also described as one of the hardest working acts in town, will release their EP this Saturday at YYT. It’s been 3 years since they emerged in Shanghai and in that time, their popularity has continued to grown in abundance: more and more fans on douban (current count at over 1500) and I expect even more to follow once they get on the road for a 20 date tour taking in all sorts of places in China (Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Ningbo, Beijing and some less ventured cities such as Guiyang and Tianjin). Hell, they are so hard working they even have a song called “fuck the rest” * and this gig is a milestone of that. But Saturday’s show is one definitely to turn out for – they will be the only band playing but they have certainly amassed a massive back catalogue of music in the many times I have seen them play (I have seen them 2 days in a row before in Shanghai playing 2 quite different sets). However, if you can’t make it, you can always help support them by purchasing the EP through their taobao page.

Daydreamer themselves are very humble about their success and popularity and really do put an enormous amount of work into their shows – hence why I’m now being jammed to pass on their contact details all the time for others to add them to their bills. But this is what they have to say about themselves and Saturday’s show:

Happy third birthday The Daydreamer! Always bringing the most excellent and talented indie music in Shanghai original music, The Daydreamer is engaged in continuing to turn out new music with inspiration coming in all forms from first EP.
Now, The Daydreamer has been in all preparation and will make their  special performance in Yuyintang on evening of June 7, aiming to prove how they delivery audiences a sharp-wit that will have them fist-pumping in the air, smiles on their faces and satisfaction in that night.
ADD:kaixuan Lu#851(YYT LIVEHOUSE) West of yan’an lu metro station exit #2,shanghai china
DATE:7th JUN 2014 21:00PM
TEL:021 52378662
旷日积晷,三年沉淀,空想家 第一张ep蓄势待发。不求驽马千里,半年的准备就为了这一天。空想家定会以更好的面貌在三周年专场与大家见面,当我们决定做这件事情的时候已然不单单只是做音乐,它意味着我们要自己策划整场演出、所有的设计、制作、期间每个人都付出了很多很多。这周六希望和你们一起在育音堂见证我们的成长。06月07日晚8:30 (长宁区凯旋路851号 育音堂livehouse)
For me, the EP is a great listen: I’m a particularly huge fan of the relatively new track they have 念流勿驻 with the groovy bass line and shouty chorus! It demonstrates a step forward in a more rock direction for the band, whose previous sound had a lot of elements of Taiwan Pop rock. The classic and ever still popular “Fuck the Rest” has been revamped and brings the best out in vocalist Chen Li’s voice. “走在通往明天的路上” to me is the summer anthem with a pleasant sing along chorus, while 玩手机 has a real ska feel and also is one of their more popular tracks to play live. Finally, “Kazoo”, a slow and melodic track further illustrating the versatility of the band’s sound, even bringing a slight indie/britpop feel to it.
Should be a great gig on Saturday – if you really want to see one of current most rightfully and genuinely popular acts in town before they hit it big, then come along!
* another awful joke of mine 😛