Shanghai based band Stegosaurus? is going on their 1st tour outside of China!

Ima post their message below cause it’s funny and gives a taste of the Stegosaurus? style~ In short they could use some help with their tour so they set up a Kickstarter. Donate to get some prizes if you can- spreading the word is support too!

 Hey y’all!

As you may or may not know, my bando Stegosaurus? will be doing our first mini-tour outside of China. We’ll go to our hometowns and places in between: the Bay Area, LA, Vegas, Flagstaff and Denver, but it all costs money.

So what we done was we started a Kickstarter account like everyone else does who wants dolla dolla bills y’all. Kickstarter works as an all-or-nothing deal. People pledge any amount they wish and if the pledges reach the goal (ours is $500) then prizes are given out and money thrown at the band. If the goal isn’t reached, nothing happens. We’ll do our tour anyway because we’re awesome.

The prizes are listed on the website which include a private concert, songs written by the band for you, etc. We made a stupid, entertaining video too, so have a look!

Another thing, our music is and always will be free, just like FB, playgrounds, YMCA, public schooling, guns in America, etc. So go and download our crappy music for FREEEEE!!!

Any amount donated will help. Thanks for looking!

Josh and Stegosaurai?