Doesn’t RISE just make you wanna ask Taeyang some questions?

RISE is such a mature album, and it makes me wanna sit down with Taeyang and talk about what personal experiences inspired it. It’s very real, and I’m sensing there’s a lot more to the album than what fans know.

1AM stars actress Min Hyo Rin as Taeyang’s love interest, the two going through a rocky time in their relationship. It’s been said that we’d be getting a bed scene between the two, and we do, but it’s not anything explicit. It’s actually very romantic and intimate- nicely done! I’m definitely liking the song much more than Eyes, Nose, Lips, but like I said in previous posts that’s most likely because I don’t understand Eyes, Nose, Lips’ lyrics. Even an English trans I don’t think will give it justice as I feel it’s one of those songs that’s most beautiful in its native tongue. Check out 1AM below and let us know what you think!




(Source: BIGBANG)