The girls are back with new album CRUSH plus 2 new MVs!

Come Back Home takes on the concept of revolution set in a futuristic world, where people are leaving their dismal realities behind to experience a virtual paradise. 2NE1 see the falseness of this new way of living, and decide to enter that new world to destroy it and bring humanity back to the truth. It’s a concept I wouldn’t expect a Kpop group to take on, but I’m happy 2NE1 did (plus I think they’re the only ones that could do something this high-tech and dramatic justice). The instrumental is this awesome combination of Trap and ballad, the chorus giving us heavy urban sounds while other parts of the song are more melodic using acoustic guitar and violin to help tell the tale of a dying world on the brink of it’s end. There’s also some reggae thrown in there. With such a high concept video the effects, of course, are top notch (YG put a LOT of money into this video). Paired with it’s release is their second title track Happy, a much more bright and mainstream song with a video shot in New York. You can expect wide smiles and vibrant colors, and of course AMBUSH jewelry.

All four girls in both of these singles look fantastic- I dare to say the best I’ve seen them look in a minute. Dara continues to be the member dressed in crazy styles (like that baby hair taking up half her damn face!), and CL continues to look the part of leader. Bom is as pretty as ever and Minzy stays edgy.

I like both Come Back Home and Happy, and although I’m a fan of SNSD’s Mr.Mr. I’m much more enjoying 2NE1’s comeback. I don’t know if anyone’s denying it or not, but there IS a competition between both 2NE1 and SNSD’s comebacks. I mean that’s why YG and SM both released new albums and MVs at the same time- don’t deny the competition folks, cause YG and SM sure aren’t!

What do you guys think of 2NE1’s comeback? And are you excited for their new tour??

Come Back Home





(Source: 2NE1)