It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Visually I think this is one of my favorite Perfume concepts out of their recent releases of the past year or two. I just love how seriously they took the China theme, from the locations and set designs to the outfits and even the choreography. In the choreo you can see some traditional Chinese dance movements revamped to fit a more modern, Perfume aesthetic and it works sooo well. It’s a bit hard to get into the video because it’s so short yet has so much going on, but I still love it.

Cling Cling isn’t my favorite track from them, but I love Nakata’s creative approach. I think Cling Cling is more about taking notice of how the song was crafted, you know, by listening to all the themes and layers put into it rather than it being an upbeat song that you’d dance to. Overall it’s great, and I can’t wait for their NY concert!! Expect the single’s release on July 16th!


(Source: Perfume)