I feel like Leo with his romantic, mysterious persona was MADE for romantic themes! I’m anticipating this release for the lovely story line alone, the song sounding amazing being a bonus. Expect Lyn and Leo’s new collaboration song Blossom Tears to be released on August 5th!

Y.BIRD 4th Project Album [Y.BIRD From Jellyfish With LYn X LEO]

Revealing the title song ‘Blossom tears’ music video teaser

The queen of ballad Lyn and the sweet voice main vocal of VIXX LEO have met showing us a special duet song [Blossom tears]
A Heartbreaking and a fatal love story about a woman waiting
for her one love, a man with a sad fate.

Release of the album and the music video will be revealed on
5th August Tuesday. Please look forward!




(Source: Jellyfishenter)