Crystal Kay

Didn’t think we were gonna get something like this!

Crystal has been working on her Western expansion as of late, her latest effort being Dum Ditty Dumb. You might remember us writing about this track a while ago as it was first uploaded on Soundcloud. I watched all the BTS of the music video shoot and I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but a crazy 2D animated video with awesome effects wasn’t it! The song is a nice fusion of traditional Japanese influences and ratchet, possibly Trap inspired beats. It’s this combo that Crystal Kay is calling ‘Yokohama Ratchet Pop’, which I think is a pretty clever and fitting name. Although both the song and the video are awesome in their own right I don’t think they blend conceptually, but maybe they weren’t supposed to. Maybe Dum Ditty Dumb is just meant to be ear and eye catching, not a story driven project where the video follows the audio’s lyrics.

Honestly I f**ks with the video. It’s hella cool and creative and also does a good job at combining some classic Japanese motifs with a urban twist- basically it reps Crystal! AND I LOVE HOW THIS REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF KINGDOM HEARTS! I literally just beat KH2 for the first time a couple of days ago so it’s still heavy on my mind but you can’t tell me all those dark swirls don’t look like Heartless, and that Crystal isn’t channeling an evil dark queen’s energy aka Maleficent!


(Source: Crystal Kay)