Listen to the album medley here!

This is a graceful album. Very melodic and soft with just the right amount of kick. Honestly I haven’t anticipated an SM release this much in a while. I love how ACE is like half sexy Electronic/Pop and half R&B, and I’m feeling like this is an album made for the night time based on its overall vibe.

I don’t know the official name of the track but I’m just going to call it Heartbeat since that’s what’s being sung in the chorus (it’s the second to last song to play in the medley). Heartbeat’s chorus sounds like it got a LOT of influence from Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat, both the instrumental and lyrical flow. I love how SM kinda remixed it and made it their own- it sounds great tbh. Check out the album medley below!




(Source: SMTOWN)