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Busy Gang 捌佰 800 mixtape available now for FREE. I f*cks with the movement

Busy Gang is a trio comprised of Al RoccoKoz and Blow Fever formed in 2013 with a mission to show the world true Chinese culture, and Busy Gang 捌佰 800 marks the groups’ first mixtape. It’s a project they’ve put a lot of time and attention into, the goal being to promote genuine Far Eastern culture alongside good music. As you all know FarEastVibes is all about that so we had to show our support. Check out the mixtape’s trailer below and make sure to show love by downloading the mixtape for FREE via the following links. I’ll also include the entire tape in Soundcloud playlist mode so you all can bump it in the background.

From a far place unknown and allen to most, the Busy Gang 800 捌佰 has finally arrived. Watch our newest Busy Gang 800 捌佰 mixtape trailer, download your free mixtape and let the homies know that we’re here.

Download your free 800 mixtape here 免费收听下载 捌佰
http://alrocco.com/busygang | http://busygang.tumblr.com

Busy Gang originated from Shanghai, China in the Spring of 2013 after our first successful single “Turnt Up” by Al Rocco and the Busy Kidz (Koz & Blow Fever). Al Rocco was raised in the far east islands of Hong Kong, tailored in London and Los Angeles and has currently settled in Shanghai. Koz & Blow Fever were both born and raised in the city of Shanghai and we decided to join forces and evolved into the Busy Gang.

Together, we’re bringing flavors none has cooked or tasted before. Bilingually in English and Chinese, we are heavily rooted in the urban culture with styles varying from Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, RnB and more.

We are more than just a crew who represents the music and the lifestyle, we are a family who strongly embraces our Chinese roots and through our vision, we keep busy and smart at our art to educate the world about the true meaning to what the Chinese and Asian culture is all about. (No kung fu movies or takeaway deliveries, just real life in China.)

With our first project the 800 mixtape releasing this October 18th 2014, we have already been touring around Asia since 2013 opening big acts such as; BBC DJ Benji B, #1BeatBoxer Killa Kela, Jurassic 5’s Chali2na.. The 800 is filled with heavy club singles to chill rnb tunes. Grab your free copy, connect with us on our socials and tell your friends to expect more great things to come in the near future. Peace & Bless.

Sound engineered by Ace-Life Studio and featuring 黄绮珊, Young Jack, Daddy Chang, Tang King, 42, the Ace-Life family; JBo Escobar, Khaki, Boris Redwall, Ray Rok and more.

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/busygang 
Bandcamp: http://alrocco.bandcamp.com
Datpiff & more: http://alrocco.com/mixtapes





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