It’s gonna be cute we already know this~

GOT7 is coming back with Stop Stop It, a song that looks like it’s going to tell a cute love story. Because these are just teasers there’s not much to talk about (except how that haji haji haji sounds lowkey wack), so I’m going to go off topic and add on to one of the comments which was asking for a miss A comeback.


miss A is long overdue and although it’s nice to see JYP’s other groups coming out with new music or whatever what I REALLY need is miss A. They’re one of the few girl groups I actually genuinely care about and I just need some fresh material from them… What exactly are Min and Jia and Fei doing activity wise? Is Min still doing that drama?? I see Jia all the time on Instagram slaying with her fashions but what are her activities? Fei too? Are they popular in China? I need to find the time to do some research just to make sure everyone is keeping busy and making dat money- we already know Suzy is just fine, and half of the reason why I think there’s such a delay in a miss A comeback is because she’s so busy with solo activities. Can’t be mad at her, though.

Check out teaser 1 and 2 of GOT7’s comeback below.


(Source: jypentertainment)