Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree’s new single “スロウ” short version MV

Gotta say out of every artist I listen to, no matter the country or genre, Plastic Tree is the one I get the most excited about when new music is released. I’ve created memories that I don’t think I’ll ever forget while listening to Plastic Tree- their music and energy are important to me, and the day they finally come to New York will be heavenly. Dude it’s gonna be so surreal to see Plastic Tree there in person, in the flesh, right before my very eyes. Ahhh, just thinking about it…!

スロウ (Throw) is Pura’s 36th single and it’s scheduled for release on March 4th. As usual I’m going to wait for the album to come out before purchasing. Enjoy their peaceful new single below (and expect more Ryutaro choreography!).


(Source: Victor Entertainment)