Nice ballad, shows off his voice well~

Could just be me, but I’m not used to hearing Wooyoung‘s voice this clearly- it’s like this is the first time I was ever able to focus on his vocals and not a dance instrumental or choreo routine. Although not the strongest his voice is still nice, and this ballad suits it well. I lol’d towards the end cause Wooyoung’s just standing there smiling at the strawberries he’s washing lmaoooo like bruh, you good?? Leave it to me to kill the mood lol.

Did anyone else get reminded of Tidus’ Theme (the piano version) from FINAL FANTASY X at the beginning? For a second the piano sounded similar and I got really happy haha! I don’t know how cause they’re not exactly the same. I guess it was just a note or two, or the way the intro was played, that must’ve triggered a memory!




(Source: 2PM Japan)