Great collaborations, too!

In collaboration with Up Against The Wall and Taipei-based instrumental quartet SOSS, I’m about to breakdown LEO37‘s latest the best way I know how- you guys know I love me some sentiment!

SCREAM is way more than just a new song, and is instead a project that incorporates so many art mediums. LEO37’s story is told through not only lyric but lighting technique, animation, vocal delivery and even body language, making it so that SCREAM comes off as more of a film, or complete visual-auditory experience than just a standalone record. It has a lot of meat on its bones, leaving the senses and emotions full and satisfied. I love how SCREAM is a movement that, when it’s all said and done, is so much more than one based just within music, and really resonates with more “abstract” concepts like spirit and emotion. Kinda hard to deny the influence of energetic vibration when you feel it so profoundly here!

For more details read on, and to witness that sensory experience I’m talking about check below.



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PPF House (Toronto) in association with UPAGAINSTTHEWALL(Taiwan) present LEO37’s newest single SCREAM. Recorded completely live at Upagainstthewall Studio in Taipei and backed by the refreshing sounds of the Taipei-based instrumental quartet SOSS, SCREAM finds the enigmatic rapper speaking concisely to his conflict of balancing his art with the demands and dues that come with the ever-widening everyday struggle. With support from SOSS’ moody and narrative soundtrack, this is LEO37’s bravest work yet.

Fresh off his selection at CAAMFest 2014, SCREAM is another mixed-media frenzy from the PPF House chief. Marking his first collaboration with Garret Clarke and UpAgainstTheWall (Red Bull’s go-to team for all their groundbreaking production in Taiwan), this video combines photo, projection, film, live performance and animation (by LEO37 himself) elements into one stylish little 5-minute package.

PPF House is a production house and label based out of Toronto, Canada.  Having collaborated with artists ranging from The Bad Plus to Sunclef, and worked on projects with companies ranging from Nike to the NFB (National Film Board), their objective is to continue creating through varying mediums and genres in a push to create forward thinking, yet accessible product.  You can catch LEO37 + SOSS headlining STREETVOICE’s NEXT BIG THING festival (2015.3.5) in Taipei, Taiwan




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