The Taiwanese take over continues!

First it was Show Luo and his Japanese debut, then it was Jolin Tsai and her collab with Namie Amuro, and now it’s Aaron Yan‘s turn! Aaron Yan, going simply by AARON for his Japanese promos, has released his 1st Japanese single Moisturizing, and it reminds me of gospel music haha. The whole triumphant, high energy sound of it, plus the way it’s organized and everything.

Aaron never was the greatest dancer and that really shows in this MV,  I think mostly because there’s no actual choreography so he’s forced to kinda do his own thing. His lack of rhythm is one of his charms though, at least I think so. I also noticed his performance is a bit more uncomfortable here than what I’m used to seeing- maybe he was nervous because of the language and cultural differences? Plus this is a big step in his international career. Idk, either way I like Moisturizing. It’s exciting to see Aaron Yan, a guy I’ve been following both in the drama and music circuits for a while now, expand to other countries. The whole release was really endearing too. Check out AARON’s 1st Japanese single below and show some love!




(Source: ponycanyon)