Really like how comfortable this single is!

Da-iCE are pretty much my new favorites in Jpop. A new artist or group hasn’t really stuck out to me in Japan like these guys have, and I think that’s partially because of the way this group was formed. The two vocalists, Yudai and Sota, have a unique vocal color and balance each other well, and the performers (including Sota and Yudai) are all great at dancing. I find the vocalist/performer split within one group really interesting, not to mention these guys all look cool as hell.

Billion Dreams takes things down a notch to bring fans something a bit more easy going, even the outfits being very simple and comfy. Definitely a song that’s meant to help you prep for the warmer weather that’s quickly approaching, and thank goodness for that cause East Coast U.S. has been BRICK this winter! Look out for Billion Dreams on April 15th!