“Pick Me Up” got me so excited I had to pause the video and catch my breath

LOOK AT HOW F*CKING BOSS MY GIRLS LOOK! Nocchi is forever, forever my number 1 and look at how stunning she is in this. That’s not to say I don’t love A-Chan and Kashiyuka, oh god no, but you know, everyone has a favorite in Perfume! Pick Me Up‘s video takes on an interesting and new concept for the girls, one that’s more dramatic and thrilling than any of their previous videos (at least those that I’ve seen). It’s kinda sad too, but that’s why I said I’ll save them! I VOW TO PROTECT PERFUME AND DESTROY ALL THAT STAND IN THEIR WAY! NOT JUST FOR MY SAKE, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF PERFUME FANS AROUND THE GLOBE *stands in triumph and shakes fist*

This is the first time I’ve seen the girls wear contacts before and omgggg i’ll be damned if the color doesn’t make them look even more beautiful. I can not WAIT for this single to drop, although admittedly I’m more in love with it conceptually than musically. ENJOY THE VIDEO BELOW IT’S MODERN AND CUTTING EDGE AND FASHION AND TRENDY I KNOW YOU’LL ALL LOVE IT YESSS!

Perfume Double A-side Single 「Relax In The City / Pick Me Up」
2015.04.29 on sale


(Source: Perfume)