Listen to Chinese/Dutch duo AM444’s new single “Not What It Seems”

The weather’s warm, the sun is out, and I just got hit with new AM444– can today get any better?? Not What It Seems is from AM444’s upcoming EP Dark Show (KaiGuan/Believe), available for iTunes pre-order now, and god is it sexy. Dark, sinister and sensual, it’s the perfect track for those late night fun times. Check below for more info including lyrics.

Old school house vibes blend with floating, moody chords and ChaCha’s understated vocals and dark tales of sexual desire.
Written and performed by AM444 | Lyrics & vocals by ChaCha | Music by Jay.Soul | Mixed & mastered by Jay.Soul
Cover art by Nini Sum


仅此一次 我把一切都给你
Only this time I gave you everything
仅此一次 我只想要给予
Only this time I just want to give
仅此一次 不需要 身体
Only this time the body is not needed
也许 交换 灵魂就可以
Maybe you can exchange your soul

我给你皮鞭 也给你锁链
I’ll give you the whip, and give you the chains
I’ll give you an instant change
你给我燃烧 你给我火焰
You give me burns, you give me fire
You give me a sword-pierced heart

我给你疯癫 我给你舌尖
I’ll give you insane, I’ll give you my tongue
I’ll give you smudged eyeliner

你给我拥抱 回应我舌尖
You give me hugs, respond to my tongue
You give me a sword-pierced heart


(Source: AM444)