Xina Electronica

Showcasing some of China’s dopest Electronic acts

The night (this Saturday!) will be filled with “electronic music only and purely made in CHINA”, so expect a treat if you’re in Beijing. Xina Electronica is a compilation album put out by Portuguese label LABAREDA, featuring a bunch of dope Electronic artists from or based in China. It’s a nice opportunity to catch some of the sounds live so I’d try to pencil it in my schedule if I were you! Click the above poster for all the details on the event, and below to listen to the compilation via LABAREDA’s Bandcamp. It’s available for free, so even if you’re not in China you can still vibe with the sounds. There’s varying styles of Electronic music in there which really shows off the diversity of the genre!

ps Crazy to see a Chinese/Portugese collaboration. Look at that cross-country unity, man!


(Source: SmartBeijing)